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Message from the Chancellor

I feel honored and privileged to announce the launch of a new research initiative in the form of a research journal titled as: Mathematical Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences. This is a venture to promote an intellectual culture- a culture that is based on values of research, exchanges and acceptance of ideas without bias and prejudices. The journal would go far beyond its regional and national boundaries to promote culture of free exchange of research and ideas on one hand and transform local mind set of rigidity or conservatism in to open mind set - ready to accept ideas, change with the spirit of harmony and accommodation. The journal with its vastness covers fields of pure and applied mathematics, mathematical physics, probability, theoretical and applied statistics, process modeling, control theory, optimization techniques and other related areas. Mathematical Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences will serve as a platform to promote research through free debates and communications between the academia, researchers and the students.
Dr Ashok K Chitkara

Message from The Pro Chancellor

It is my pleasure to present the first issue of Mathematical Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences. The journal serves as a platform for dissemination of original and high quality research in the field of Mathematics and related fields. The merging of optimization and simulation technologies has seen a rapid growth in recent years. This is an area that has sparked as much interest in the academic world as in practical settings. The journal, thus, focuses on some of the most relevant approaches that have been developed for the purpose of optimizing simulated systems. The optimization of simulation models deals with the situation in which the analyst would like to find which of possibly many sets of model specifications (i.e., input parameters and/or structural assumptions) lead to optimal performance. These concerns have led to many researches on this issue being conducted. Mathematical Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences acts as a medium to capture and present these researches and their methods to readers. I congratulate Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh for its success in putting together the first issue of this journal. I strongly believe that Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh has great potential to become a leading research centre in the field of education. Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Editorial Board and the Advisory Board for their efforts in ensuring that a high quality journal is delivered. I hope readers get insights through reading, analyzing and reflecting on the articles published in this issue. I look forward to your support.
Dr Madhu Chitkara

Message from the Chief Editor

I am delighted to write this message for the inaugural issue of Mathematical Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences. The year 2012 has been declared as the 'Year of Mathematics' to celebrate the 125th Birth Anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan. It is, therefore, most appropriate that the Mathematical Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences is being released in 2012. I take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to the members of the Editorial Board as they are the backbone of this endeavor. I would like to emphasize the reasons for launching a new open-access journal in this ever expanding area of research. I believe that it is important to have a journal which gives free access to its contents and promotes high-quality research and intellectual output. I look forward to the help and cooperation of eminent mathematicians in India and abroad who will be called upon to referee the papers submitted for possible publication in this journal. Comments or suggestions for the improvement of the journal are most welcome.
Prof (Dr) Sarva Jeet Singh

Message from the Editor

It gives me great pleasure in writing this message for the inaugural issue of the research journal, Mathematical Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences. The aim of this journal is to offer a medium for the propagation of research in all fields of Mathematical Sciences with emphasis on interdisciplinary and application-oriented research. We would strive to publish promptly quality research work after getting it reviewed from reputed experts in the field. Original research papers, review articles and comments on published work are all welcome. I would like to thank all the members of the Editorial Board for accepting the invitation to join the team and look forward for their help and cooperation in making this journal a success. I also thank the team which has helped us in making Mathematical Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences a possibility.
Prof (Dr) Ashok Kumar

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